always has a smile

10 out of 10

"I have been here for a week but had the best time! Great location, good prices and nice staff. Especially Manteo! He was willing to help me with everything and always has a smile on his face. Thank you Q. Till the day we meet again."

Sam, Jul 16th 2021

the best time

10 out of 10

"Honestly had the best time staying at the Q! Manteo made my stay so worthwhile and is the kindest person I've ever met. Always willing to help wherever he can and has always got the biggest smile on his face. He is the best! Yasmina and Deborah were so awesome! Both so friendly and welcoming. Thank you!!"

Andrea, Jul 16th 2021

Friendly staff

10 out of 10

"Urbane minimalist hotel, with maximalist look. Less is more. A real alternative for people who have little affinity with a slick, superficial hotel atmosphere. Good location 3 km from the centre. Good price-performance ratio. You have everything you need. Refreshing architecture. Friendly staff. The Q-Factory is located in a shopping area."

Maximiliaan Braakman, Mar 11th 2021