About Q-Factory Hotel

Welcome to the Q-Factory Hotel – Amsterdam’s most musical hotel.

Housed inside one of Europes biggest musics venues the Q-Factory hotel boasts 50 tastefully designed hotel rooms, a funky late night cafe, music studios & 2 concert halls. The Q-Factory itself is home to the Conservatory of Amsterdam, The Ballet Orchestra & Amsterdam's #1 DJ school to name just a few!

To start off, there is the neighborhood. We are situated smack dab in the middle of Amsterdam East. Here begins everything that the rest of the city will catch up on only next year. You can park your car in the large Q-Park underneath the building, and the Muiderpoort and Amstel train stations are just around the corner.

Then we have the building of Q-Factory itself. Here everything and everyone comes together: artists, musicians, tourists and the locals. Because of all the activities in the concert halls, the practice rooms, the café and the creative spaces, the building is filled with a vibe that we think is unique to us.

Third is the energy, and then we don’t mean all the creative energy. No, we mean the actual energy used by you to charge your phone and which heats up your room. It’s a bit of a technical story, but our building has a GSHP-installation which stores heat and coldness to be later used as heating or cooling. This saves a lot of energy. Much of our furniture is recycled (which is just a fancy way of saying it’s 2nd-hand). We also prevent a lot of unnecessary waste by not using single-piece packaging for soaps for example. More could be said still, but what it boils down to is that we’re a hotel with just a tiny little carbon footprint.

All this combined could possibly make you miss out on the rest of the city during your stay. That would be a shame, but at the same time it would also be a reason to come back. Then you’d just grab one of our slick Van Moof bikes, ready to explore the city after all.

Ready to book a room? At the hotel reception you pay safe and fast, cashless, with pin or credit card.

See you soon!

Q-Factory Hotel Crew


Q-Factory Hotel is part of Q-Factory, the biggest musicians center in all of Europe. Our extraordinary building is bustling with creative energy. Aside from just music, you’ll also find dance and theatre here, as well as lots of small companies and individuals using our facilities such as meeting rooms and flex workspaces.

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Q-Café is the engine of Q-Factory. Here you drink your coffee, here you have breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and drinks. You can hang out, or enjoy the lovely sun on the outdoors terrace. This is where the artists meet before- and after the show, here you get your tickets and make your reservations. To sum it up, this is where it happens. Q-Café is open every day. Monday-Friday from 7 am till 1 am. The weekends we sleep in and open at 8 am.

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There’s always something happening in the theatre- and concert halls of Q-Factory. The crew can help you with tickets and reservations. Check the complete program.

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Bands, dance- and theatre groups, students from the conservatory, professionals and amateurs, they all rehearse in Q-Factory.  We have over fifty rehearsal rooms from soloist rooms, to a symphony orchestra room. You can reserve them either empty, or completely furnished with modern equipment. To reserve or for more information, call +31 (0)20 760 6780, or mail repeteren@Q-factory-amsterdam.nl.

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