Discover Old Amsterdam

Amsterdam is beautiful, perhaps more beautiful than ever before... In these strange times we experience Amsterdam as no one has ever experienced it before; without mass tourism, without hectic traffic and in complete silence. What could be better than visiting Amsterdam at this time? With this arrangement you will experience Amsterdam in its full glory.

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This package includes:        

  • Free bike rental during stay
  • Breakfast package (composite to your liking)
  • Old Amsterdam hospitality tray


  • One night stay         € 119,-
  • Two nights stay        € 189,-
  • Three nights stay     € 249,-

This package applies to room type:

  • The Backstage

How do I book this package? 
Step 1: Click the button 'book now'
Step 2: Choose the dates for your stay
Step 3: Select the right room type
Step 4: Add the package on the 'rates' page on the right side